Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breakaway Wall Design

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As per FEMA, "Breakaway walls must be designed to break free under the larger of:
(1) the design wind load
(2) the design seismic load
(3) 10 pounds per square foot (psf)

If the loading at which the breakaway wall is intended to collapse exceeds 20 psf, the breakaway wall design must be certified.  When certification is required, a registered engineer or architect must certify that the walls will collapse under a water load associated with the base flood and that the elevated portion of the building and its foundation will not be subject to collapse, displacement, or lateral movement under simultaneous wind and water loads.  Breakaway walls must break away cleanly and must not damage the elevated building when they do so.  Utilities should not be attached to or pass through breakaway walls."  Call us any time for guidance on breakaway walls or anything related to the building of your new home on 732-800-2447 x. 1.

Coastal Modular Group - Engineering
If you were affected by or have any questions related to Superstorm Sandy, please give us a call. We are informed and eager to help.  Coastal Modular Group  is located at the Jersey Shore; waterfront designs are one of the mainstays of our business. We have the experience required for site design in shore areas. We are prepared to assist with the following related services:

  • Structural inspections of buildings and foundations of any use
  • Structural inspections of bulkheads and similar waterfront structures
  • Structural engineering designs for reconstruction or new construction, such as:
    • Foundations designs
    • Helical pile designs
    • Timber pile designs
    • Breakaway wall designs
    • Foundation scour protection
  • Land use permitting for reconstruction or new construction, including:
    • NJDEP
    • Local zoning
    • Local construction department
  • Surveying services (including flood elevation certificates)
  • Compliance with FEMA guidelines
  • Peer review
Coastal Modular Group is a collective of New Jersey’s premier modular home builders, designers, engineers, architects and contract professionals. The collective was formed by local New Jersey  builders, engineers, architects and designers to ensure that our New Jersey neighbors receive the best possible direction, service and support in light of the damage incurred after Hurricane Sandy.

Collectively, our team has built hundreds of custom modular homes along the New Jersey Shoreline and that same team consists of lifelong local New Jersey Residents committed to the rebuilding effort and more importantly the people and families that were affected.  The majority of home building the collective has done is in Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey. 

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