Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enclosures and Breakaway Walls


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As per FEMA, "Designers and owners should realize that:
(1) enclosures and items within them are likely to be destroyed even during minor flood events
(2) enclosures, and most items within them, are not covered by flood insurance and can result in significant costs to the building owner
(3) even the presence of properly constructed breakaway wall enclosures will increase flood insurance premiums for the entire building (the premium rate will increase as the enclosed area increases).  Including enclosures in a building design can have significant cost implications."

Our team will guide you not only on building regulations but also insurance cost implications. 

Call our help line for additional information regarding any points of this article 732-800-2447 x. 1.

Coastal Modular Group is a collective of New Jersey’s premier modular home builders, designers, engineers, architects and contract professionals. The collective was formed by local New Jersey  builders, engineers, architects and designers to ensure that our New Jersey neighbors receive the best possible direction, service and support in light of the damage incurred after Hurricane Sandy.

Collectively, our team has built hundreds of custom modular homes along the New Jersey Shoreline and that same team consists of lifelong local New Jersey Residents committed to the rebuilding effort and more importantly the people and families that were affected.  The majority of home building the collective has done is in Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey. 

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